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At Zambelli Brand Design, we thrive on translating our clients' business ideas into vibrant brand identities. One such success story is Figura, a brand born from the passion of its founder, Tijana Maretić, who sought to introduce authentic Croatian products to Hong Kong. Our collaboration with Figura involved crafting a new brand strategy and visual identity to elevate its offerings, including fig cakes, premium olive oils, and gourmet chocolate bars.


Tijana Maretić's journey from Croatia to Hong Kong inspired her to establish CroGourmet, a food distribution company aimed at bringing Croatian delicacies to Southeast Asia. Recognizing the popularity of Croatian fig cakes in Hong Kong, Tijana envisioned Figura as a brand that captures the essence of the Mediterranean through its diverse product line. We were entrusted with the task of creating a comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity to communicate Figura's story and values effectively.


Through collaborative workshops, we delved deep into Figura's business goals to develop a brand strategy encompassing target audience identification, competitor analysis, brand story, and unique selling points. Figura's brand personality, characterized as energetic, friendly, and inspired by global cuisines and Mediterranean warmth, guided our creative direction. Drawing inspiration from the fig fruit and Tijana's travel experiences, we crafted a visual identity centered around the fig's symbolic upside-down shape, resembling a hot-air balloon and evoking wanderlust. Our color palette, featuring shades of purple, green, and gold, underscored the brand's premium quality and Mediterranean origins. Additionally, we devised the brand name "Figura" and product category "Mediterranean Delights" to resonate with health-conscious consumers seeking organic superfoods.

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The launch of Figura in Hong Kong was met with enthusiasm, drawing attention from health-conscious consumers passionate about quality food. The brand's new visual identity, showcased through its website and online store, effectively communicates Figura's essence and values. With its captivating brand story and premium product offerings, Figura has established a strong foothold in the competitive market, paving the way for future growth and expansion.

This comprehensive brand strategy has positioned Figura as a trusted purveyor of Mediterranean delights, capturing the hearts and palates of consumers in Hong Kong and beyond.

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