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Introducing Pockets Burgers, a new player in the competitive Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market, offering simple and delicious smash burgers with a back-to-basics approach. Our studio was tasked with creating a fresh brand identity that would stand out in the crowded QSR landscape and resonate with customers seeking straightforward, high-quality burgers.


Pockets Burgers sought to disrupt the QSR market with a simplified concept focused on delivering great burgers in a clean, friendly environment. Our challenge was to capture the essence of this concept and create a brand identity that conveyed simplicity, sincerity, and yumminess.


Embracing the back-to-basics philosophy, we drew inspiration from simple yet iconic elements: the round burger shape, vintage paper hats, and smiling staff. This led to the creation of an approachable brand icon resembling a happy emoji enjoying a meal, evoking positive emotions about the food and experience.

The color palette was kept simple yet attention-grabbing, with bright red against crisp white, ensuring high visibility in public spaces. Practicality was also prioritized in the design of "no mess" paper packaging, featuring pockets to prevent burger contents from dripping.

For the brand name, "Pockets" was chosen for its simplicity, personal appeal, and association with the practical packaging. "Burgers" was added as a clear product category. The font and overall aesthetic conveyed a retro-Americana vibe reminiscent of traditional American diners serving classic burgers.

A memorable slogan, "Our taste, your smile," encapsulated the brand promise of delivering delicious food and joyful experiences. Complementary brand elements, including red and white squares with silver accents, added texture and visual interest, while stickers were designed for social media sharing.

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The launch of Pockets Burgers introduced a fresh and distinctive brand to the QSR market, capturing attention with its straightforward concept and inviting aesthetic. The brand's simplified approach resonated with customers seeking delicious burgers in a clean, friendly environment. With a memorable brand identity and practical packaging, Pockets Burgers is poised to become a favorite neighborhood burger joint, delivering smiles one bite at a time.

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Brand strategy

Brand verbal identity

Brand visual identity


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