At Zambelli Brand Design, we specialize in turning imaginative ideas into compelling brands. When Cammeo, a pioneer in Croatia's taxi service industry, approached us to update its identity, we saw a great opportunity to strengthen its legacy of innovation. Our goal was to create a brand that honored Cammeo’s innovative spirit and appealed to a new generation of consumers. This vision led to the creation of Wizi—a modern symbol of freedom and a fresh perspective on urban mobility.


Cammeo has pioneered the Croatian taxi service market, making it more accessible, affordable, and user-friendly. Despite their success, the Cammeo team recognized the need for a brand renewal to stay ahead of the curve. They sought to create a brand that would appeal to their existing customer base and attract new users, including potential drivers, and franchisees. We aimed to help them achieve this by developing a modern, innovative, and easily recognizable brand.


The branding process started with a thorough strategy phase. We closely collaborated with the Cammeo team to establish a unique positioning for their new brand and identify their target markets - including B2C customers and B2B clients. One of the main goals was to create a brand that would attract future drivers and franchisees.

Once the brand positioning was set, we worked together with the client to create the visual and verbal story for Wizi. The Wizi visual identity must be simple yet impactful, ensuring visibility and recognition even in fast-paced traffic. This included an energetic fluorescent color that guarantees visibility during rush hours, iconic typography that is both modern and memorable, and the slogan "My vision of freedom" to highlight the brand's name and its innovative approach to mobility. To further enhance Wizi's unique personality, we defined iconic textures and memorable gradients for the brand. In addition to the visual identity, we also helped design the Wizi app, launch campaign, and brand touchpoints, including the Wizi cars.

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The Wizi brand was successfully launched in the Croatian, Macedonian, and Slovenian markets. It stood out from competitors by introducing a whole new approach to mobility. The brand's modern and innovative identity resonated with both new and existing users, solidifying Wizi's position as a leader in the taxi service market.

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