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Zambelli Brand Design undertook the rebranding challenge presented by The Surf Café in Dubai, transforming it into Leen's, a gourmet oasis with a relaxed atmosphere and five-star cuisine. The project aimed to align the restaurant's identity with its newly developed values and philosophy while effectively communicating with its target audience.


Leen's emerged from the transformation of The Surf Café, reflecting a shift towards a gourmet dining experience while maintaining a relaxed ambiance. Zambelli Brand Design led the rebranding effort, crafting a new identity that resonates with the restaurant's ideal audience and communicates its refined culinary offerings.


The rebranding approach focused on creating a distinct identity that encapsulates the essence of Leen's and resonates with its target demographic. The decision to rename the restaurant to "Leen's" stemmed from the desire to personalize the brand, centering it around the owner, Claudio Leenders. The name "Leen's" was chosen for its simplicity, phonetic resonance with the word "lean," and geographical significance as an Arabic female name symbolizing softness and prosperity. Additionally, a new category, "casual-to-gourmet," was established to define Leen's unique dining experience. The logo design incorporated miniature illustrations of palm trees to evoke a sense of oasis and combined soothing green and warm pink tones to convey tenderness and attention to guests. The overlapping letters in the logo subtly revealed the restaurant's name upon closer inspection, adding an element of intrigue.

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The rebranding of The Surf Café to Leen's successfully repositioned the restaurant as a gourmet oasis offering five-star cuisine within a relaxed atmosphere. The new brand identity resonated with the target audience, reflecting the restaurant's values and philosophy. The logo design, with its intricate details and subtle symbolism, effectively communicated Leen's unique selling propositions and contributed to its differentiation in the competitive dining market of Dubai. Overall, the rebranding effort led by Zambelli Brand Design resulted in increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and positive reception from patrons, positioning Leen's as a premier dining destination in the region.

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