OSH Moments

Rebranding Osh Moments, an online lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear platform catering to the conservative market of women in the Persian Gulf, posed a unique challenge. Our studio was tasked with creating a fresh design and identity that would resonate with this demographic while maintaining cultural sensitivity.


Osh Moments sought a rebrand to better align with the preferences of their target audience in the Persian Gulf region. As an online platform offering intimate apparel, privacy and discretion were paramount for their clientele. Our goal was to refresh the brand's visual identity and market position to appeal to both traditional values and the evolving tastes of younger women.


To understand the nuanced needs of the conservative market and the client's vision, we conducted a comprehensive branding strategy. This involved deep dives into customer behaviors, revealing that while Arab women desired beautiful lingerie, they preferred a private shopping experience offered by online platforms. Leveraging this insight, we aimed to maintain cultural respect while introducing subtle enhancements to attract younger demographics.

We refreshed the brand's logo by modernizing the puckered lips and finger icon with vibrant colors and simplified illustrations, ensuring a cleaner and more memorable design. Passionate red replaced pastel tones, symbolizing desire, complemented by gentle pink hues representing femininity. Sensual textures such as silk, satin, and velvet were incorporated into brand patterns, evoking intimacy and luxury. The unboxing experience was also elevated through unique packaging design, creating memorable moments for customers and fostering brand loyalty.

In digital branding, we curated a cohesive Instagram feed with consistent visuals and complementary vector art, attracting new followers and enhancing brand visibility on this visual-centric platform.

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The rebranding of Osh Moments successfully modernized its visual identity while respecting cultural norms and preferences. The vibrant color palette, sensual textures, and enhanced packaging design elevated the brand's appeal, attracting a younger demographic while retaining its conservative customer base. The cohesive digital branding strategy, particularly on Instagram, expanded the brand's online presence and engagement, driving growth and customer acquisition.

Through strategic rebranding, Osh Moments has positioned itself as a trusted destination for intimate apparel in the Persian Gulf, catering to the evolving needs of its diverse customer base.

Fields of work:

Brand strategy

Brand visual identity


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