A vibrant Mediterranean street food concept in Kentucky, blending Croatian, Greek, and Lebanese cuisines. Inspired by Mediterranean culture, our team crafted a modern brand identity, including a playful logo and vibrant color palette. With the slogan "Eat like a Mediterranean," Speeza promises wholesome, delicious fare and a welcoming atmosphere. From graphic elements to packaging and interior design, Speeza embodies the essence of Mediterranean cuisine, becoming a beloved destination for foodies in Kentucky and beyond.


Speeza, a dynamic Mediterranean street food concept in Kentucky, sought to introduce a fusion of traditional Croatian, Greek, and Lebanese cuisines to the American market. Our collaboration with Speeza involved crafting a comprehensive brand strategy to establish a distinctive identity reflective of its Mediterranean roots.


Our approach began with understanding Speeza's vision and the founder's deep connection to Mediterranean culture. We conducted thorough research to identify key elements of Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle that could be integrated into the brand's identity. Collaborating closely with the founder, we developed a typographic logo inspired by Mediterranean symbols and curated a vibrant color palette evocative of the region's landscapes. Drawing inspiration from local Mediterranean and Balkan cultures, we designed graphic elements and packaging that would resonate with patrons while reflecting Speeza's commitment to authenticity and quality.

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The collaboration resulted in a compelling brand identity that successfully captured the essence of Speeza's Mediterranean street food experience. The visually striking logo, accompanied by a fresh color palette, conveyed the brand's commitment to wholesome and delicious offerings. The integration of Mediterranean-inspired graphic elements and packaging enhanced the brand's storytelling, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for customers. Speeza's distinct identity and inviting atmosphere positioned it as a beloved destination for food enthusiasts in Kentucky and beyond, establishing a strong foundation for future brand and franchise developments.

Field of work:

Brand Strategy

Brand Verbal Identity

Brand Visual Identity

Brand Implementation

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