LOGISTA - Case Study


A stable company that is constantly moving

The branding process usually tries to illustrate the sweet spot between one’s unique service or product and the customers’ needs and wants. To include other elements in the equation, such as the focus on current and future employees, or the long tradition of creating exceptional partnerships, is less common.

Logista is a renowned company from Rijeka, Croatia which has received many accolades and industry recognitions for its successful sales and distribution business. For more than 25 years, the company has been building excellence on a professional level and in relation to clients and partners. Also, it developed a top-notch company culture, based on respectful relationships towards each employee. And it was its highly developed value system and the way the company operates on the inside, as well as its successful partner relationships, that were the focus of the rebranding process.

Logista wanted to showcase all that it has achieved over those 25 years in a new visual identity. The company has five divisions: retail telecommunications services (Mobilcentar A1), telecommunications services for business users (A1 business users), representation and distribution of mobile technology (Mobile), distribution of Japan Tobacco products (JTI), and distribution of electronic products and services (e -distribution).

As different as the five divisions were, they needed to discover what brought them together and express it through a new brand. Given that visual and verbal identities have to simplify the business concept, with so many parameters to consider, the task was anything but simple.

Brand as a reliable, smart and innovative person

We initiated the process by defining the key features that characterize this company. On one side they include the strength of their team and a stable work environment and on the other, the dynamics and movement, present both in the distribution business and in their constant pursuit of progress and innovation.

One of the things that we determine in every brand strategy is the personality of the new brand. This includes an in-depth process of discovery and analysis to identify the company’s business goals, its competitors, and points of differentiation. Logista’s brand personality is reliable, intelligent, and innovative. Logista is a friend who cares about every human being and nurtures the warmth of human relationships. The company builds a team by supporting individualism and professionalism, where everyone is allowed to leverage and grow their skills, which each have greater strength and impact when combined in a meaningful way.

Using colours for creating movement

The idea of ​​a progressive and dynamic company has been highlighted in the new visual identity in several ways.

The first element of the movement is in the letter “o” within the brand name, which is reminiscent of a moving dial. It was used to emphasize the dynamics and innovation, as well as the moving vehicles from Logista’s fleet of vehicles.

Texture is an additional brand element, in which a stark contrast of red and white were also used to create the impression of motion. The dot was borrowed from the old visual identity, keeping a memory of the business continuum and long tradition, but was used in a different manner. Precisely, the dot now occurs at the intersections of white straight lines on a red background (and vice versa), thus creating an optical illusion and the impression of movement.

A new slogan that focuses on employees

As the whole idea of ​​teamwork is underlined in the name of the brand, through the words of Logista Team, everything is taken to another level with the new company slogan: “Logista – A team-driven company”.

The word “team” obviously illustrates Logista’s focus on the people and employees who are the true drivers of the company’s success. The word “driven” describes the motivation to work and the fact that Logista’s employees are always on the move, both physically and in terms of personal and professional progress.

So, in just three words we managed to successfully convey Logista’s key message: it believes in a well organised system that is so efficient that employees can completely rely on it and use it to further develop their unique capabilities, and to upskill.

At the same time, this well-established and constantly improved system also serves as a warranty for business partners and clients – with Logista they know everything will go smoothly, including the highest level of professionalism, and best service possible.

Visual dynamics that illustrate a desired brand experience

The new visual and verbal messaging successfully conveyed the intended brand experience to current and future Logista employees, evoking feelings of:

  • Stability and satisfaction
  • New opportunities in becoming a part of a successful team that is always there for support and guidance
  • Safety, trust and professionalism in partner relations

The implementation of the brand and the announcement of the new visual and verbal identity was presented in Logista’s internal communications, just as it should be in a company that highly values its culture and people.