QUIX - Case Study


The company Automatic Servis from Buzet, which currently offers 4,000 vending machines, has entrusted us with the task of designing their new brand.

In 1997, Automatic Servis opened for business in Croatia in partnership with an Italian company of the same name, a pioneer in providing coffee and snack vending machines in Italy that has been building a recognisable brand for as many as 50 years.

The first machines had been installed in Istrian towns, while new items, such as cold beverages, food and snacks, were introduced in 2001. Since 2002, they have continued to expand to Rijeka, Zagreb and Split. Over the years, Automatic Servis has become a byword for quality and a reputable regional leader in the vending machine industry, currently offering over 4,000 vending machines.

But all those years of operation have yielded a new phenomenon. The various locations where the Automatic Servis vending points popped up became places where one could meet your favourite co-workers. They were points where nurses could take a rare break from darting between hospital wards. Recharging stations for diligent students before exams. Support for secretaries organising business meetings.

With its selection, Automatic Servis has made plenty lives easier at certain moments, brought joy to many and added a new and positive aspect to their everyday lives. But this has worked both ways, because while they were doling out drinks and snacks and meeting people up-close-and-personal, those same people were also changing Automatic Servis.

Quix brand strategy

Automatic Servis is a successful company, as well as a constantly developing and improving living organism. Over the years, they have managed to develop a service that goes above and beyond basic machine installation and maintenance by adding value to their clients while heeding their desires and needs.

They wanted to transform all that into a new brand aimed at their clients and end users that would successfully communicate the aforementioned difference and uniqueness, which has been crafted during their first 20 years of operation.

This is why we have started from scratch and set up a branding strategy for the future brand that includes several segments:

  • Essence and philosophy of the future brand
  • Expected brand experience
  • Brand personality and character
  • Defined brand target groups and
  • Market positioning of the future brand

Quix – a new player in the vending machine business

Before tackling the visual design of this new brand, we came up with a new name that would best showcase the values and advantages that Automatik Servis offers its users and clients.

Quix, which is reminiscent of the word “quick”, denotes the main characteristic of the brand experience, namely fast service.

In order to provide a deeper insight into the service itself and what makes it stand out, we have specified a new product category: “quality vending points”. As the name suggests, we consider a quality offering a pivotal element in increasing Automatic Servis’s recognisability on the market.

Irresistible Italian charm

Everyone knows that the Italians are unparalleled in producing and drinking coffee, as well as nurturing coffee culture. However, they are also unparalleled when it comes to the “Made in Italy” design and aesthetics, which is why Automatic Servis cooperates closely with Italians in creating its coffee and vending machine offering. This has prompted us to weave Italian values and charm into the visual identity of the Quix brand.

The visual identity of Quix was created by choosing colours, textures and forms from Italian culture and the golden age of certain Italian giants, such as Martini and Fiat, and combining them with a modern style.

With its slightly “vintage” look, Quix will transport you back to the Dolce Vita years for a brief moment and become a station for creating your own instant “sweet life” sensation.

Brand personality

Elegant, smart and friendly server
If Quix was a person, it would be a charming and elegant young man
who had just driven in from some Italian town on a Vespa, offering a handshake, as well as smart and warm service with a wide smile.

Quix is helpful, available and friendly

because it knows what every business needs and provides a smart
payment system, while easily and quickly adapting to the market

because it is orderly, eye-catching and practically says “Made in Italy”

because it is full of human warmth and accommodating to clients when needed;
because it is a part of the everyday life of its users