Mon Design

The MON brand originates from the extensive experience of Mia Skoko, an Interior Designer who has made significant contributions to the Croatian market through her work in large teams. Now, embarking on her journey to establish her design studio, Mia sought a brand that would encapsulate her unique aesthetics and design philosophy.


When Mia first approached Zambelli Brand Design, we aimed to conduct to create a brand that faithfully followed her interior design aesthetics. Each aspect of her brand needed to reflect her distinctive style, ensuring that her identity was communicated through the brand's visual and strategic elements.


Our process began with the creation of a unique brand name. We chose "MON," which stands for "Mine" inspired by Mia's name. The term "Mia" in Latin and Italian translates to "Mine," perfectly capturing Mia's personal and intimate connection with her work.

Following the naming phase, we embarked on an in-depth brand strategy process. This involved analyzing Mia's design style, understanding her competitors, assessing the market, and identifying target audiences. The insights gained from this analysis guided the development of a feminine brand that reflects Mia's personal style and attitude.

An integral part of the brand's identity is the choice of elegant typography. This typography enhances the brand's sophistication and carries a special meaning. When viewed in the context of the brand MON, it subtly reveals the word NOW symbolizing Mia's modern and sophisticated approach to design.

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The result of our collaborative effort with Mia is a brand that genuinely embodies her vision. MON is a sophisticated, feminine brand that mirrors the founder's style and attitude. The elegant serif typography adds depth to the brand, reinforcing its modernity and sophistication. By successfully infusing Mia's unique aesthetics into every brand element, MON stands out in the market and is ready to impact the interior design industry significantly.

The MON branding project is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic branding. It showcases how a well-crafted brand can capture the essence of its founder and resonate with its target audience.

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